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Consultation with our Trichologist


This is an in-person consultation.

* Exam  hair and scalp  with a  Pro scope

* Educate client about hair  and scalp condition

*Educate client about proper usage of products for their hair type

*Gift Client hair care regiment and hairstyle advice

*Help client find dermatologist for the scalp and hair condition

* Educate client about different types of alopecia

Virtual consultations


A virtual consultation requires you to have a computer or a tablet or smart phone. The consultation last for 30. minutes.

* Address your hair and scalp care needs .

*  Help clients understand their hair and scalp codition.

*Help client choose service to help their hair and scalp .

Free Consultation


This consultation is an in person consultation for 30 min.

* Analyze hair and scalp

* Discuss product knowledge and product usage

* Give Client hair and scalp care regiment

Hair Care/ Hair Loss consultation


This consultationis an in-person consultationfor 1 hour.

* Analyze hair and scalp

* Educate client about hair and scalp type 

*Educate client about hair and sclp condition

* Discuss product knowleddge and product usage



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Service Policy

For online booking go to: to book an appointment.

No walk-ins accepted.


A 50% cancellation fee will be charged for same day cancellation.

A fee for all services scheduled for the day will be charged if you are a no show.



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