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Dawn is extremely personable and  professional. Has alot of energy and tools to make your day a great Experience at her salon. I was the first she had since the shut down I was so glad I use their services great hair products and expertise in her field.... she had many good suggest





 "Hair Care by Dawn is God sent. After my mother passed a year ago, I took inventory over my own life. I decided that I needed to start with establishing self-love. Over the years I’ve damaged my scalp and hair by continuously wearing weaves, wigs and braids without a proper hair care regiment. Because of my negligence, I suffered with a scalp disorder and hair loss. Thanks to Dawn along with her wealth of knowledge in hair care; in a matter of weeks my scalp has improved tremendously. With her natural gift as a Trichologist/stylist, Dawn’s hair care regiments facilitated my hair growth like never before. Thank You Dawn!"


May 12 , 2018

"Good afternoon, my name is Shoshana. Do you want someone who will take care of your hair as if it was their own? Do you want someone who will give you knowledge on how to treat , take care, and see your hair become healthy and grow? Do you want to learn things about your hair that you never knew? Do you want a lady who is educated on hair care, intelligent, strong, beautiful and all around awesome to make you fell comfortable with your current hair condition and trusting that she will take you to the next level? If you answered yes, to these questions like I have done so then you need , "'The Dawn Experience'". I am truly blessed to have met Dawn and she takes care of my hair. I have knowledge on hair care and I am enjoying how full and nicely my hair is growing. Thank you Dawn!"




"My experience with Dawn has been amazing. She has done my hair for many years and never a disappointment. Dawn does my hair with such style and grace. She listens to all your hair concerns and needs. I love that not only does she work miracles to your hair but she educates you and guides in the right direction. i receive many compliments on my hair everyday thanks to her. Again, I always leave satisfied and happy with the results!!!!!!"



"Desperately Seeking Dawn"

"That's what I said when I first met Ms. Frazier. Her knowledge of hair and her approach to its care was just what I had been looking for. She has such a warm, sincere personality that invites you into her gentle but honest hair services.
I appreciated her listening first to what I thought I would like. She then could explain if it was possible and if it was the best thing for pressure!  Everyone with hair should be "desperately seeking Dawn". I give her 6 stars!!!"

JT - New Jerseyl