Wig Consultation Services & Information: Why do you desire a Wig?


Enhance or change your style - Wigs are a fun way to create and enhance a new look in a matter of  minutes. you don't have to commit to a hair cut or hair color. you can have whatever your heart desire 

Save Time - You don't have to spend hours styling your hair.  With a wigs, you can just slip it on a go.

Cover Up - If you have hair that's thinning, hair breakage or hair loss , a wig is the ultimate way to "cover up" for  these hair conditions,   while restoring your natural hair back to a healthier state.

Choose a Fiber


Your needs, lifestyle, and desired look will determine the kind of wig fiber you will need. Think about how you plan to use it and the experience you want to have.

There are three basic wig fibers: Synthetic, Heat Resistance Synthetic, and Human Hair


 Synthetic Wigs- have come along way. They look and feel very close to human hair however, you can not use a hot tool to style.


Heat Resistance Synthetic fiber-  This type of synthetic fiber is heat friendly, which means you can use a hair dryer, curling iron and even a flat iron however, all hot tools should be set at the lowest setting. If hot tool is too hot, synthetic fiber will burn.


Human Hair- It's just like your hair.  It can be cut, colored, curled and straightened. This means you will also have to treat it like human hair- which means regular shampoo's and style out sessions. Human hair wigs are Indeed more expensive,however,  last a lot longer then synthetic.       

How to choose a wig: The 5C's- Cost, Cap, Color, Customize, Cut

Cost-What's your budget? Knowing how much your want to spend will help you make the right decision.


Cap- The cap is what usually what goes on your head. There are a variety of wig caps made for different needs, lifestyles and comfortability.           

Color- Wigs come in many different colors. You can recreate the wig you have, or you can have a whole new you ,by having your Hairstylist color    your wig to your specification.


Customize- A good salon will help measure your head to make sure your wig will fit you properly. In addition, you can also order a custom wig made just for you.


Cut- Wigs should be cut to fit your face and lifestyle. This requires a Hairstylist trained in wigs. Cutting a wig is not like cutting your own natural      hair. The idea is to create a look that's so amazing, it doesn't look like a wigs.



Kinky Afro Curl


The most natural looking 100% Remy Kinky Afro Curl Hair. Perfect for women looking for very authentic, versatile "Natural" looking hair that matches flawlessly with their own hair growing from  their scalp. This beautiful hair can be styled in a variety of ways to give you exactly what you are looking for.This product is also used with a lot of woman that are going natural and using extension as a "protective" style as they grow their natural hair out.


Kinky Perm Straight


The most natural , realistic hair product you can find

for textured hair. Our premium, luxury kinky perm straight hair blends perfectly with natural textured hair so it  works perfectly with "leave-outs".

This hair is made with 100% Remy human hair that has been specially textured to give it that natural, coarse look and feel that  looks exactly like the hair growing out of your scalp.


Natural Curl

The lightest, bounciest 100% Remy Natural curl hair in the industry. This gorgeous hair gives you a beautifully soft, curl natural look that 't lose its shine with multiple uses.


Virgin Natural Straight

The finest quality , long-lasting natural virgin straight hair in Malaysian, Brazilian and Indian.