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Hair  & Scalp Treatments 

Hair Treatment

Treatment Without Hair Steamer

$30.00 & Up
  • Not heat used
  • 5 Minutes
  • Great surface conditioner

Moisturizing Treatment  

$85.00 & Up
  • Adds moisture to the inside of your hair and scalp.

Protein Treatment

$75.00 & Up
  • Stop hair from  shedding
  • Adds body to hair
  • Strengthen hair

Reconstructor  Treatment 

$ 105.00 & Up
  • Stop hair shedding
  • Stop hair breakage
  • Hair feels stronger and fuller

Hair Mask

$95.00 & Up
  • Add Moisture  inside the hair shaft
  • Create natural shine
  • Remove dryness
  • Stop breakage
  • Create soft hair

Deep Cleansing  with Treatment


Deep cleansing Treatment is preformed 4 times a year.

Great for client with dry hair & clients who wear :

  • Braid Extensions
  • Hair color 
  • Hair weave

 Scalp &Hair  Treatment




$150.00 & Up

Prevents & stop dry scalp

Prevents breakage 

Prevents flakes 

prevents dry hair

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Service Policy

For online booking go to: haircarebydawn.com to book an appointment.

No walk-ins accepted.

No refunds for products purchased . 

No refunds on deposits made for products or services.

No refunds for services provided.

A 50%  cancellation  fee will be charged for same day cancellation.

A fee for all services scheduled for the day will be charged if you are a no show.