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Non- Surgical IntegrationHair Extensions

Resecure Hair system 

$75.00 up to 30 min.
  • Reattatch new hair 
  • Reshape bang area only

Hair piece)

$90.00 & Up

         To add:

  •  Color 
  • Change tone,
  •  Match clients  natural  hair.

Highlights/ Lowlights

$180.00 & Up
To enhance the hair piece/ wig  by adding highlights/lowlights

Hair system maintenance service

$175.00  to $250.00


  • Remove & clean 
  •  Scalp Preparation 
  • Reattach the Hair System
  • Finishing &Styling

Hair cut


$200.00 &UP
  •  Wig  
  •  Hair piece

Hair Extensions

$350.00 & UP

To add  hair using the  following  methods:

  • Sew-In
  • Micro-Links
  • Custom -Link

New Hair service  

$450.00 &Up


  • Apply new hair 
  • Hair cut 
  • Style
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Service Policy

For online booking go to: haircarebydawn.com to book an appointment.

No walk-ins accepted.

No refunds for products purchased . 

No refunds on deposits made for products or services.

No refunds for services provided.

A 50%  cancellation  fee will be charged for same day cancellation.

A fee for all services scheduled for the day will be charged if you are a no show.